PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions

Automotive lighting

PMMA grades allow 92% of light to pass through it, which is more than glass or other plastics. This outstanding clarity enables the use of PMMA in many different transportation applications like rear lights, wind shields, caravan, marine and plane windows.

Caravan Windows

Thermoformed acrylic sheet is now used almost exclusively for caravan window glazing where all the necessary requirements for light weight materials that are safe, easy to process and perform in all weathers are met.

Windshields and sun visors

Acrylic sheet products are used for clear and tinted motorcycle, aviation, helicopter, and recreational vehicle windshields. They are much lighter than glass yet they offer double impact resistance, uniform thickness tolerance and low internal stress levels for consistent performance.

Interior and exterior trim

PMMA is used to create interior and exterior panels, trim, bumpers, fenders and other moulded parts. Key qualities include: excellent surface hardness, UV and abrasion resistance. Polymethyl Methacrylate offers a myriad of colouring options from transparent to deep colour, be it high gloss or matt.

Automotive glazing

PMMA glazing is 40 to 50 percent lighter than conventional glass, which makes it of great interest to car manufacturers. The advantages are immediately obvious. Weight savings apart, the transparency of Polymethyl Methacrylate as well as its very high weathering resistance, pleasant acoustic properties, and outstanding formability enable entirely new design possibilities.

Rear lights

PMMA is used in exterior, rear and indicator light covers and for interior light covers, lightguides and fascia. They provide excellent optical clarity, light transmission and colour accuracy. They are easy to process and create hard surfaces that withstand continuous exposure to wear and tear.

Marine Applications

PMMA is extensivly used for marine applications such as windshields and windows. PMMA is lightweight and is resistant to salt and cleaning products.


Polymethyl Methacrylate is used for windscreens, windows and canopies. It resists high inside cabin pressure, double-digit sub-zero outside temperatures, and harsh UV radiation. PMMA offers outstanding optical properties, is lightweight, resists temperature fluctuations and shows unsurpassed weather resistance.

Number Plates

PMMA is extensively used for durable and highly visible number plates.