PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions

Who we are

The contents in this website are provided by the group representing the manufacturers of methacrylic acid, and its basic esters, and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), The Methacrylates Sector Group (MSG), in Europe.


Polymethyl Methacrylate – PMMA – is widely used in various applications for its many advantageous properties. Perhaps the most well-known of these properties is light transmission. Typical PMMA grades allow 92% of light to pass through it, which is more than glass or other plastics. This outstanding clarity enables the use of PMMA in many different optical and related applications.


The Methacrylate Sector Group aims at:

  • Promoting the standing of the methacrylates industry (methacrylate monomers and PMMA) in a socially responsible manner
  • Supporting a sustainable PMMA industry committed to circular economy and CO2 reduction
  • Informing consumers and those involved in the handling of these products on their properties and functionalities
  • Encouraging the safe and proper use of methacrylates by developing and publishing appropriate technical information
  • Maintaining a high level of technical understanding by identifying and managing research into health and environmental effects and assessing risks in use
  • Presenting scientific data and studies on methacrylates to the industry, authorities and the public to better understand the Tox and Ecotox properties
  • Developing a common position on major issues of the industry for presentation to regulators, opinion leaders and other concerned bodies
  • Developing product stewardship programmes following the Responsible Care principles

This group operates within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council.


This site offers comprehensive information about the production and benefits of PMMA, its main application, the sustainability of its products, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.