PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions

Visual Communications

PMMA can be designed and molded into any desired form. It is extremely robust, weather resistant and optically clear. This combination of properties has resulted in objects of unequalled attractiveness.

Museum casings

PMMA sheet offers maximum protection to precious photographs, artworks and exhibits by filtering out damaging UV light. The sheet is easy to fabricate into high quality casing, which provides excellent optical clarity to museum and gallery visitors.

Corporate Identity

PMMA helps brands project their identity with consistency and quality all over the world. With excellent performance characteristics in demanding environments and in all weather conditions, acrylic products can be colour-matched to any shade in the spectrum and are guaranteed to be identical in colour, thickness and translucency at any site in the world.


Illuminated transparent elements are crucial to sophisticated design, because illumination gets the message across more powerfully. PMMA can be individually designed, and is worked and molded by heat into any desired form. It is, extremely robust and weather resistant. This combination of properties has always been valued, and has resulted in objects of unequalled transparency and attractiveness.

Exhibition Booths

To draw attention, create a striking effect and stand out from the crowd. PMMA enable creative and durable stand design that blends colours with light.

Point of Sale

Acrylic is used for displays, signage, display cabinets, leaflet dispensers, window displays, poster holders and may other POS applications. Combined with light, it offers endless scope for points of sale.