PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions

Extruded Sheets

Types and production


Extrusion is the second widely used processing technology for PMMA resin. In this process, the resin pellets are melted and conveyed in a heated barrel containing one or two rotating screws. This chamber is heated, which combined with the shear from the screw(s), melts the plastic and conveys it through a die at the end of the extruder. This die shapes the plastic, which is then cooled. This process is widely used to produce sheets and profiles.

The range of products includes


Solid sheets


Corrugated sheets


Multi-skin sheet

Extruded sheets

Extruded sheet offers excellent optical clarity of 92% light transmission, thickness tolerance and is easy to vacuum form, making it ideal for applications where complex shapes are required. Extruded sheets are made over longer and more economical production runs, which make it cost effective.

Benefits of extruded sheets

  • Excellent clarity
  • High gloss surface
  • Exceptionally hard wearing
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily fabricated
  • Good part definition