PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions

Electronics & Energy

PMMA is used extensively in the manufacture of electronic devices. Optical clarity, surface hardness and scratch resistance are important properties for devices used on a daily basis.

Appliance parts and control panel fascia

PMMA is used extensively for the manufacture of electronic equipment display and infra red transmitter/receiver windows found in many household appliances. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are important performance qualities where repeat high-use is a factor.

LCD screens and monitors

All top electronics brands use screens made from PMMA. The durability and light transmittance of Polymethyl Methacrylate makes it the best choice from small to ultra large screens.

Mobile phone screens

Easy processability, excellent optical clarity, high light transmission, toughness and high scratch and impact resistance make PMMA a suitable material for mobile phone screens.

Solar Applications

Photovoltaic modules are exposed to extremes of nature. Particularly the sun, which is essential for their very purpose, is a constant stress factor that PMMA withstands on a durable basis. The specific properties of the material simultaneously ensure high energy conversion efficiency and thus make solar electricity even more economical.

TV and video equipment fascia

PMMA is used extensively for the manufacture of electrical equipment display and infrared transmitter/receiver windows.