PMMA / Acrylic Sustainable Solutions


PMMA is used in a wide range of medical applications from diagnostics, incubator to dental thanks to its biocompatibility, UV resistance, optical clarity and surface hardness.


Whether they are used inside hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices or research laboratories, cabinets made of PMMA offer high quality storage that is easy to maintain and keep clean.


Excellent transparency and optical clarity, UV resistance and surface hardness coupled with good chemical resistance makes acrylic polymers ideally suited for the manufacture of disposable medical diagnostics. Blood cuvette, drug testing device and laboratory equipment manufacturers benefit from easy processing, purity of material, good dimensional stability and excellent bonding capability with itself and other polymers.


PMMA’s biocompatibility, reliability, ease of manipulation makes it the perfect material for dental applications such as cavity fillings.


PMMA is the material of choice for incubators. PMMA is durable, safe and easy to clean which is key to providing a safe environment for newborns.


Acrylic resins are used by global leaders in the field of bone cement where consistent and high performance is paramount. Manufacturers and surgeons are continuously improving bespoke formulations to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of this important sector.

Protection pandemics


PMMA shields are crucial to protect workers and consumers against pandemics